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Thank you for your interest in the Jackson County Robotics Program! I am a founding leader of the program, and I am very proud of the results that we have achieved since we began in 2012. We have participated in the worldwide FIRST Robotics competition with an extraordinary group of high school students who are taking important early steps in their career paths for multiple years now.  


We are looking to our local business leaders to step up to help grow this program which will ultimately produce engineers and software designers who will be joining Georgia’s workforce in the next five years.


Our program calls for an annual budget of about $20,000. The budget is required to buy the equipment to build the robot, to pay for entry fees for the FIRST competition, and for travel to the competitions.  The program is run by volunteers and is held under the 501(c)(3) status of Jefferson High School. 

We are deeply indebted to our supporters—both individuals and companies—for their help in building this important program. The attached pages detail how to make a contribution as well as the benefits of sponsorship.  If you have programs for charitable giving, or for grants related to your industry, we would certainly appreciate your sponsorship.  Without any doubt at all, you will be helping kids set a career course that will be beneficial to them, as well as to our local industry.


 Harold M. Jarrett

Founder, Team 4189

Chief Technology Officer, OmniMetrix, LLC

O 770-209-0012 ext. 1020 │C 678-776-5797

4295 Hamilton Mill Road │ Suite 100 │Buford, GA  30518



For even more information on FIRST, visit www.usfirst.org. Our program is called “FRC” (FIRST Robotics Challenge).



Our team is run on volunteers and donations—we appreciate each and every individual and company that helps us keep teaching and mentoring our high school students!



Team 4189 is hosted by Jefferson High School, which receives a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. For more information on this, contact:

Financial Officer - Kim Navas

Jefferson City Board of Education

345 Storey Lane

Jefferson, GA 30549

Tel: (706) 367-2880  Email: knavas@jeffcityschools.org

Please make all checks out to:
Jefferson High School
575 Washington Street
Jefferson, GA 30549

Memo: Team 4189 Robotics Program


Team Contact:
Randy Farmer
(770) 712-7470 Email: rfarmer@jeffcityschools.org

A huge thanks to this year sponsors:

Thanks to our previous sponsors!

Address: 575 Washington St, Jefferson, GA 30549