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About Jackson County 4-H Robotics Program

About Our Team

Who are we? We are team 4189 of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) program. Our team is comprised of high-school students with a passion for challenges and technology. It's based in Jackson County, GA and is part of the Jackson County 4-H.


Each year the team is presented with a challenge from FIRST Robotics. The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition gives students a framework within which they gain very high level skills in engineering, computer programming, and electronic marketing, all within an intensely focused race to design, build, test, compete, and promote their uniquely designed robot.


The competition calls for teams around the world to create their machine to play a competitive game against one another; from soccer, to basketball, to ultimate Frisbee.  These are not toys, they are five-foot tall, 120 pound industrial strength machines, demanding industrial strength design and software development.   A single season of this program teaches the team how to create, design, and build a new product from the ground up, with stunning increase in maturity and with very satisfying new awareness of their creative capability.


This program allows students to do things they would have never done before. The skill sets learned in this program are valuable for the rest of their lives. Students experience things like running a business and facing some of the challenges that modern engineers face.  The best part is that everything is hands on! This program is an experience of a lifetime!




Our team began in December of 2011 as a joint program between the 4-H clubs of Jackson County and Barrow County.  Due to the lack of support and funding from either county or any of the four nearby school districts, we banded together as a ragtag group of nine students and four mentors named "WD4H: The Wild Dot Bots".  We managed to produce a successful first season, reaching the semifinals at the Peachtree Regional and receiving the Judge's Award for being a "well-rounded" team.


In the following year, we were able to garner more support from the community, gaining about ten new students and receiving funding from about 10 businesses that operate on both local and national levels.  Although our robot Remington didn't fair well at our regional competition, we managed to create a design that was unique within FIRST's international reservoir of teams.


After the conclusion of the 2013 season, the two counties reached a decision to split into two separate teams due to an increase in participation, limited space, and long travel times for the Barrow group.  Inadvertently, this resulted in a far greater stress on recruitment and marketing due to the immediate decrease in manpower, but that challenge was easily overcome.


Prior to our 2014 season, we gained three new mentors and nearly twenty new students, and through training sessions and practice, we were more than prepared for the build season.  Our dedication and work eventually payed off at the Peachtree Regional, where we earned the title of Finalist along with acquiring the Team Spirit Award and 2nd Place in the category of Industrial Safety.


We're currently preparing for our next season through training and construction of a t-shirt cannon.